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Most of the feedback I seek from this post will be in Spanish (from sources in Spain), but I will have an English translation further down the page.

Cómo Entrenar

Después de 10 años sin tocar agua, empecé a nadar hace unos 32 meses. Poco a poco he ido pillando mejor forma y he nadado un par de pruebas en aguas abiertas que me han ido bastante bien. Claro esta que meterme en el agua y hacer series super largas me viene fácil. De hecho he sido capaz de nadar series de 3,000 metros a un ritmo de 1:07 largo (piscina de 25 metros), así que mi condición aerobica esta bastante bien considerando mi edad y falta de entrenamiento en serio (solo 80 minutos al día de lunes a viernes).

Capacidad Anaerobica

Ahora me he metido en la cabeza nadar unas pruebas en competición Masters, pero mi condición anaerobica es pésima y deseo mejorarlo. Desde que deje de nadar en el 2000, las cosas han cambiado bastante en el mundo de la natación y como se prepara el cuerpo (y mente) para series anaeróbicas.

En este post deseo recibir sugerencias vuestras para mejorar mi rendimiento anaeróbico. Específicamente deseo nadar pruebas de 200 y 400, y posiblemente hacer alguna prueba de 100 en competición. Que tipo de series podría hacer?

Dejadme comentarios y os lo agradezco muchísimo. Un abrazo a todos y suerte.

++ English Version ++

After not swimming for a solid 10 years after the Sydney Olympics, I have been swimming now for 32 months (give or take). Little by little I have been getting in shape and have taken part in a couple of open water races that have gone considerably well. Of course, swimming and doing really long sets comes easy to me. I’ve been able to do a 3,000 timed holding a 1:07 high pace in short course meters, so my aerobic conditioning is pretty solid given my age and lack of serious training (I only swim 80 minutes a day Monday through Friday).

Anaerobic Conditioning

I’ve got it in my head to try out some Masters competitions for fun, but my anaerobic conditioning is lagging and I wish to improve upon it. Since I quit swimming back in 2,000, things have changed considerably in the swimming world when it comes to anaerobic training.

On this post I wish to get some feedback and suggestions to improve my anaerobic conditioning. Specifically I wish to swim events in the 200 meter and 400 meter range (500 yards), and possibly 100s from time to time. What type of sets could I do?

Leave your comments below and I am grateful for your feedback.

Thanks much.

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  • Mike Peckham November 26, 2012

    Fred – Knowing you have trained at a much higher level than I ever did I asked Bill Shechtman.who coaches the RMSC NTG at Germantown what the latest training techniques are in this area. In his opinion including 6 to 8 100’s as close to race pace as possible with no more than a 10 second pause is still one of the best anaerobic workouts there is. If you would like he was interested in having you come in and swim with his group, but needs to check that out. His thought was it would give you the anaerobic workout you are looking for and show his kids what training with an Olympic swimmer is like. Let me know if you are interested and I will follow-up. I am amazed you can get 80 minutes a pop in! I am lucky if I can find 45 minutes, but make sure I get at least 30 minutes a day in.

    Take care – Mike

    • fredhviidadmin November 26, 2012

      Yes, I remember sets like those. I’ll add it to my to-do list. Anything that gets your lungs, legs and body burning fast is what I’m looking for. Kind of alien to me since I was always a distance swimmer for the most part.

      I would be game to getting my butt handed to me by some high school kids, or others. Definitely check that out for me or have him get in touch with me. Much appreciated.

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