State Meet call to arms

For the past two years I have had the privilege of coaching a group of young swimmers at the Monocacy Aquatic Club (MAC) in Frederick, Maryland. This past year I have been in charge of the Senior Development group, swimmers ages 14 through 18. High school-age swimmers.

Tomorrow we head off to the State Championship meet down at St. Mary’s College with a group of 11 swimmers from our group who have qualified. This video is geared towards them (and our Junior Champs qualifiers too). It’s more suited for the training season, to get them going and their heads in the right place, but I think it will make them remember the last couple of months, the long arduous training sessions and get them wound up for the meet, just in time.

These swimmers have come a long way and have had to deal with injuries and other distractions and priorities, including high school swimming. But for the most part they are a dedicated group of individuals trying their best to achieve their goals or looking for self improvement. That’s always my motto. Don’t look to compare yourself to others, or how you stack up to others, but look to better yourself.

As we near the end of our Winter season I am hopeful that they reach their goals and enjoy tremendous success. I thought this video would help inspire them. It helped me last Summer as I prepared for my big swim meets in Montréal and College Park.

Here’s hoping they actually recognize the swimmers in the video. 😉

Now get excited people!!

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